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Ryanair has revived plans to extend its network further east than ever before with flights from Ukraine, according to the European country’s premier. (...)

Ryanair pulling out of planned Ukraine routes in row with airport. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Airline Ryanair is cancelling plans to launch in Ukraine in a row over an agreement with Kiev’s Boryspil Airport. The Irish airline had been planning(...)

Ryanair is now operating in 34 countries, and will also be introducing flights to and from  Lviv in Western Ukraine

Ryanair’s expansion continues unabated with news that it is to begin flying to and from Ukraine from October. The announcement means the airline is (...)

Adolf Hitler addressing a military parade at a Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg. Xenophobia and nationalism are  coursing through the world’s veins. Photograph: Hulton Archive

In the spring of 2010 I received an unlikely invitation from a city in western Ukraine: the law faculty from the university in Lviv (also know as Lwów(...)

Henry Marsh and Igor Kurilets: ‘I liked Kurilets immediately  . . . he was the only doctor I met on my first visit who seemed able to admit openly that the medical situation in Ukraine – at least in neurosurgery – was dire. The Soviet Union had excelled at producing guns and rockets but failed miserably at producing decent healthcare,’ says Marsh.

There is borsch and then there is Ukrainian borsch – but the borsch I had just been served was something else. It was Yelena’s borsch. I was sitting i(...)

Neurosurgeon Henry Marsh first travelled to Ukraine in 1992.

I felt relieved leaving the Soviet-style lobby of my hotel on Kyiv’s main thoroughfare, Kreschchatyk. Not that the service had been particularly bad o(...)