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Question 100: What was Father Ted’s routine explanation for alleged financial misconduct?

What was Father Ted’s money doing? What did Mary Robinson’s electors rock in 1990? And could Lindsay Lohan play soccer for the Republic of Ireland? (...)

Lake Constance: the staging of Carmen, Bregenz Festival’s opera on the lake, has to be seen to be believed

On my list of things I didn’t expect to see in the Lake Constance region is one of the largest Fabergé eggs in the world. Yet here I am, in the darken(...)

Béatrice Dalle: ‘I don’t have a car, I don’t own my place, I don’t have a house in the country.’ Photograph: Didier Baverel/WireImage

Can it really be true, I ask Béatrice Dalle, that you seduced the English actor Rupert Everett? “Bah ouais,” she replies as we chat in a cafe near her(...)

Police officers stand at the door of the night club ‘Grey’ in Konstanz, Germany, where a man shot at several people. Photograph: EPA/OLIVER HANSER

A disagreement at a German nightclub turned deadly after the nightclub operator’s son-in-law left the venue and returned with an assault (...)

Büsingen, Germany’s one and only enclave, surrounded on all sides by Switzerland.

The trout floats motionless in the pristine, glittering river, unaware that it is a Swiss fish in German waters. The fish is similarly oblivious to be(...)

Gemma Tipton with her "liquid lunch"

It wasn’t like I expected it. Then again, my idea of Buchinger Wilhelmi was mainly based on the clinic James Bond gets sent to in Thunderball, where (...)

Swiss Green Party politician Meinrad Gschwend has said he wants to see the 8-minute flight banned on environmental grounds. Photograph: Getty Images

An Austrian airline has begun what it claims is the world’s shortest regular international connection — an eight-minute hop across Lake Constance betw(...)

Amy Gurlitt: “For me, it’s the mentality of the people here, like when you thank the bus driver. How nice is that?” Photograph: Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

Amy Gurlitt’s earliest memories are of a household bustling with children speaking foreign languages. She never questioned why her family in a small (...)

Molly O’Reilly’s daughter Constance with a doll of her mother wearing the Irish Citizen Army uniform.

March 24th, 1916 The munitions industry was a lucrative one in 1916 as the British ramped up production in advance of the Battle of the Somme. Mi(...)

A drawing by Constance Markievicz from about 1921, which will be published in Constance Markievicz Journal 1916

Constance Markievicz used plans drawn up by Robert Emmet for the rebellion of 1803 in planning for the Easter Rising, documents made public for the fi(...)