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A fire in Finglas which was attended by Dublin Fire Brigade on Monday evening. Photograph: Dublin Fire Brigade

Dublin Fire Brigade found itself trending on Twitter when it decided to live-tweet Halloween night incidents as they occurred. Using the hashtag #DF(...)

Noel Ross of Royal Upholstery: “Our mission is to get the word out that furniture can be salvaged and made to look new”

Noel Ross started upholstering furniture in 1980 when Ireland was in the depths of a recession. The business, which has seen plenty of changes over th(...)

 Lynn Harvey: “It was only when I hit 30 that I began to blossom. Boxing has allowed me to do that. It’s so much more than a sport for me.” Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

She didn’t want to be rude to the tarot card reader. “She was my mate’s Ma, so I was sitting there thinking, ‘just be nice’.” But once the cards we(...)

Dublin fireman Neil McCabe was chosen as the first Irish ‘Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative’ fellow.

As US Secretary of State John Kerry addressed a packed audience in the glittering surroundings of Brussels’ Concert Noble on Tuesday, sitting in the f(...)

The dinghy class is far from past its sell-by date and up to 50 boats are still actively sailed. Photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

A small piece of Irish sailing history will be celebrated this weekend when a 14-foot dinghy will be fondly remembered for its role in kick-starting t(...)

Services from Malahide and Howth and the city centre are extremely limited, Irish Rail said. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

Northside Dart services have returned to normal, Irish Rail has said, after a fault on a maintenance train resulted in major disruption on Monday morn(...)

An extraordinary phenomenon has occurred in Dublin in the past decade or so. It is the spread of an entirely new accent through large areas of Dublin’(...)

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