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Inishbofin, Co Galway: unmatched coastal vistas  and a lack of serious hills

Could Inishbofin actually be the Costa del Ireland? On my previous visits the weather had been uniformly glorious. Now I was heading back for a specia(...)

Westquarter Loop, Inishbofin Island, Co Galway

Inishbofin is easy to fall in love with. The beautiful island landscape is easy on the eye, the warmth and welcome of its people are easy on the heart(...)

Greenland barnacle geese wintering on Inishkea. Illustration: Michael Viney

Inishbofin, long and low on our horizon, rests between clouds and sea in one of autumn’s distant shades of grey, a last landfall before the wide ocean(...)

Connemara corncrake: Inishbofin, out on my horizon, is now one of the bird’s few strongholds and probably where Richard Murphy first heard its “staunchly nailed iambics”. Illustration: Michael Viney

Quicken your tune, O improvise, before The combine and the digger come, Little bridegroom. – Richard Murphy I was reading one of the many online(...)

Teenagers Mark Cunnane, and Niall Coyne, with master boatbuilder Pat Folan on an Inishbofin community currach. Photograph: Andrew Downes

Coca-Cola’s Thank You Fund is paying for the building of four new community currachs for the islanders of Inishbofin. The first of the four was delive(...)

Inishbofin Island, Co Galway, which is famed for its “pirate presence” of Grace O’Malley . Photograph: Frank Miiller/The Irish Times

Inishbofin has become the first Irish island to receive an international ecotourism award. The Ecotourism award, which will be presented today to a (...)

All at sea: “80 per cent of our tourists are from the domestic market, so there are a lot of people this will affect,” says Simon Murray. Photograph: IIC/Axiom/Getty

‘Do you want to be responsible for the depopulation of one more island?” Simon Murray, of the community-development programme on Inishbofin, asked mem(...)

When doves fly: Ireland’s doves survive in their pure form only on islands strung out from Donegal to Kerry. Illustration: Michael Viney

Inishbofin comes and goes on our horizon, its silhouette often hazed in mist or spray — veiled sometimes, too, in rain, but not for long. On clear aut(...)

Joanne O’Donnell with Sam (4) and Ben Wallace (13) at home in Killaloe, Co Clare. Photograph: Brian Arthur/ Press 22

‘Would you go back?” It’s the definitive question in post-holiday conversations. To answer “no” suggests your holiday was far from perfect – although,(...)

Vincent O’Halloran (right): an energetic, strong and accurate player

Vincent O’Halloran, who has died aged 71, was a master of the accordion and a fine traditional singer whose gifts made him a fixture on the Irish trad(...)

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