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It’s possible psilocybin drugs could soon be part of a psychiatrist’s armoury.  Photograph: iStock

Down an Irish country lane in a secluded private home, men and women form two lines. Then, under the Christian Cross of Caravaca, members of the Churc(...)

Poet Mary Oliver, with her dog Ricky, at her home in Hobe Sound, Florida in 2013. Photograph: Angel Valentine/The New York Times

Mary Oliver, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet whose work, with its plain language and minute attention to the natural world, drew a wide following while (...)

Síofradh O’Sullivan, a Leaving Cert student at St Caimin’s Community School in Shannon, Co Clare

Thirteen years, eight months and 28 days ago, I embarked on this journey. It has brought me through homesick respite, the measles, a spartan Gaeltach(...)

'When I would actually think about killing myself, I would think, ‘Am I really just gonna kill myself over a penis?’' Photograph: Andrew Mangum/New York Times

In a 14-hour operation, a young military veteran – whose genitals were blown off by a bomb – has received an extraordinary transplant: a penis, scrotu(...)

Jimmy Page and Pamela Des Barres, 1973. Photograph: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

In 2001, when the Mötley Crüe biography The Dirt was published, barely an eyebrow was raised at the debauchery described within. Even one of the darke(...)

Muireann O’Reilly: It’s hard to imagine a time when I won’t be working on the Leaving Cert – but it will come next Tuesday, when I put down my pen after the chemistry exam. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Alfie has been my constant companion for the past few months. I’m studying away, sometimes tired and stressed, and my dog comes and lies on the floor (...)

While many workplaces around the world are becoming more multi-cultural, the gender balance remains skewed

Irish workforces have become more diverse in recent years but we still have a long way to go before they are truly gender and ethnically diverse and (...)

By the time Frankie Lee Sims got to make his first proper recordings in 1953 he had almost four decades of hard living under his belt. He was one of (...)

It was heartening to hear a Bank of Ireland shareholder rage at the obnoxious pair “Rachel and Steve” at that institution’s recent annual general meet(...)

A grave can be anything from 4 to 10 feet deep. “The gravediggers used to get paid by the foot and they’d always be delighted to get a 10-footer.” Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

How mean-spirited would you have to be to have the flaws of your wife carved onto her gravestone as soon as she goes to her eternal reward? Such a mea(...)

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