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Sayfullo Saipov: after Donald Trump’s unscripted remark about the New York attack suspect, aides sought to walk back the idea, saying it was merely notional. Illustration: Jane Rosenberg/Reuters

US president Donald Trump on Thursday backed off his threat to send the suspect in this week’s New York terrorist attack to the US military prison at (...)

 American mariners Jennifer Appel (C) and Tasha Fuiava (R) answering questions during a media call with their dogs Zeus (bottom-L) and Valentine (bottom-R) in the captains cabin of the amphibious dock landing ship USS Ashland. Photograph: Jonathan Clay/US Navy/AFP

The two women spent months adrift at sea and ended up thousands of miles from their destination. Now, new questions suggest that their story may have (...)

Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava met in late 2016, and within a week of knowing each other decided to take the trip together. Photograph: Koji Ueda/AP

Two women who were lost at sea for five months had an emergency beacon aboard their sailboat that was never activated, the US coast guard has said. S(...)

USS Ashland sailors rescue Zeus the dog from a  yacht in the Pacific Ocean. Photograph: Mass communication specialist 3rd class Jonathan Clay/US navy via AP

Two US sailors and their two dogs have been rescued by the US navy after more than five months lost at sea in the Pacific Ocean. The planned voyage f(...)

“I had one long run of 90 minutes to do and lots of shorter runs which have been hot.”

So, it has finally arrived – Ironman World Championship race week. I arrived in Kona, Hawaii on Saturday, September 29th, a full two weeks before the (...)

A strong core helps keep the rest of your body in good shape while running.

As with any type of exercise or training it is important to be mindful of keeping our joints healthy. Therefore, the right kind of strength and flexib(...)

A boiled egg makes an excellent mid-morning snack.

When training or increasing your overall level of exercise, it is really important to alter your food intake accordingly. A healthy, well-fuelled bod(...)

“Any time I am slack with my recovery food, I pay for it the next day.”

Training for a triathlon takes time . . . a lot of time. During the week, there are morning swim sessions and evening run or bike sessions. At the wee(...)

It is worth putting the hours into bike training as the running leg of triathlon will be easier if the legs and lungs are strong from biking. File photograph: Getty Images

The benefits of staying fit and active include not only our physical health but also our mental health and can be a rewarding and enjoyable part of li(...)

I couldn’t swim starting out, and needed to borrow a bike for my first race, but the reward and sense of personal achievement on crossing the line for my first race was special. Photograph: iStock

Training for triathlon gives me such a buzz. I discovered this sport of swimming, cycling and running in 2008 and haven’t looked back. I work full tim(...)

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