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Alice Carey and her husband Geoffrey Knox: ‘We don’t have a lot of money but we’ve a lot of nerve’

It was 1995 when New York-born writer Alice Carey and her husband Geoffrey decided to take their small bit of inheritance and buy an old “ruin” in wes(...)

 New York could also inject a new momentum behind the leader in the Republican race, businessman Donald Trump, in his bid to be the party’s nominee. He has 744 delegates to 559 for Texas senator Ted Cruz. Photograph: Christopher Lee/The New York Times

The second-biggest prize in the Democratic presidential election – and the fourth-biggest in the Republican race – will be up for grabs when primary v(...)

Four years after their triumphant comeback of sorts with Greenwich Meantime, Cork’s indie stalwarts return with another well-crafted collection of(...)

Driving trucks close together is not only safer but also more fuel efficient, according to industry estimates

The modern car is thinking for itself and offering such options as lane-keeping assist, pedestrian protection and systems to prevent rear-end shunts. (...)

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