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Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino. Prosecution in the captain’s trial for multiple manslaughter and causing the shipwreck of the luxury liner has recommended a prison sentence of 26-years. Photograph: Tiziana Fabitiziana/AFP/Getty Images

“May God have pity on Schettino because we cannot.”With those words, the public prosecution asked that a 26-year prison sentence be imposed on Frances(...)

A Grimaldi lines ship sails in front of the cruise liner Costa Concordia during the refloat operation at Giglio Island. Photograph: Alessandro Bianchi/ Reuters

From a distance, she looks like a huge patched-up travel trunk that someone has dumped in the sea. Up close, it is difficult to be sure that she is ac(...)

The cruise liner Costa Concordia’s sign is seen emerged before the refloat operation at Giglio harbour at Giglio Island  today. Photograph: Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters

The long awaited departure of the Costa Concordia from the Tuscan island of Giglio has again been delayed and is now scheduled for Wednesday. O(...)

 The wrecked ship Costa Concordia  during the refloating operations in  Isola del Giglio, Italy today. Photograph: Laura Lezza/Getty Images

You could hardly say that she was up and running but the operation to refloat the sunken cruise liner, the Costa Concordia, finally got under way at a(...)

The ‘Costa Concordia’ being prepared to be towed off the coast near the port of Giglio in Italy yesterday. Photograph: EPA/Alessandro di Meo

It is all systems go, ready for lift off and keep your fingers crossed on the island of Giglio this morning when salvage experts attempt yet anothe(...)

An aerial view shows the Costa Concordia  on its side next to Giglio Island. File Photograph: Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters

The Costa Concordia has caused a lot of grief in its time but this weekend on the island of Giglio, there is concern that it might cause further serio(...)