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The Fifth Division of Replacements arrive and give the word that the troops of Navarre have come to fight in the Spanish Civil War, circa 1936. Photograph: Three Lions/Getty Images

The only Irishman known to have fought with the Basque army during the Spanish Civil War was remembered at an event in Dublin this weekend marking the(...)

Bernadette McAliskey: “Our simplistic historic understanding of fascism needs to be challenged.”

Fascism can assume many guises and people need to know how to recognise it and confront it so that the world can avoid the horrors of the 20th century(...)

Actors James D’Arcy and María Valverde in a scene from Guernica, a new film by Basque director Koldo Serra.

The bombing of the town of Guernica was one of the defining moments of the Spanish civil war. The attack by the German Luftwaffe on the Basque town, o(...)