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Former nurse Niels Hoegel pictured in 2018. Photograph:  Mohssen Assanimoghaddam/AFP/Getty Images

Andrea Wennecker’s father Johann went into hospital just before Christmas 2002 with a lung complaint, and never left. On Thursday his daughter listen(...)

Former nurse Niels Hoegel covers his face as he arrives for the start of his trial in a courtroom in Oldenburg, Germany on Tuesday. Photograph:  Julian Stratenschulte/Pool via Reuters

A former nurse accused of killing 100 patients at two hospitals in Germany more than a decade ago has told a court as his trial opened that the charge(...)

Former nurse Niels Hoegel hides his face behind a folder as he sits in the dock in the district court in Oldenburg, Germany. Photograph: EPA

A nurse who was convicted of killing patients in Germany with overdoses of heart medication is now believed to have killed at least 84 people — and th(...)

Former nurse, only identified as Niels H, hides his face behind a folder next to his lawyer Ulrike Baumann at the local court in Oldenburg, Germany. Photograph: Carmen Jaspersen/AP Photo/dpa

Germany has a new record-breaking serial killer: a nurse sentenced to life imprisonment yesterday after he admitted killing at least 30 patients. Auth(...)