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You know my thoughts on using a flamethrower in the kitchen. If in doubt, set it on fire. I love the taste of charred vegetables.

The first asparagus. The first peas. The first broad beans. May and June are wonderful months. Though technically summer, it feels more like spring. (...)

Recordings by “pick up” groups, where the musicians have never played together before, can often descend into vapid display with each player retreati(...)

Éilís Ní Dhuibhne: “Nowadays, standards are different. There’s more acceptance of anything. Why should a story have to conform?”

Pseudonyms are not just for pseuds. They also allow established authors to publish detective stories without confusing the expectations of readers. J(...)

Copenhagen built proper, one-way cycle lanes with kerbs separating them from pedestrians and motorists. Anything else, the Danes say, is a waste of time, money and effort. Photograph: Thinkstock

Kamilla stands on the Knippel Bridge spanning Copenhagen’s inner harbour, drinking coffee as the spring sun plays on the water below. At her side, th(...)

Ready to roll:  Pilot Cecelia and passenger Ellen, and pilot Theis with Hele, left, and Birthle, right. Photograph: Derek Scally

It’s a blustery spring day in Copenhagen and Birthle, an elegant older woman, is waiting impatiently with her coat on to go for a bike ride. Birthle (...)

Shelving by Silleknotte

Launched last summer to bring emerging design from the Nordic region to an Irish audience (much of it not available anywhere else on the island) Nord(...)

Ceramist Tina Marie Bentsen at her workshop in Copenhagen

‘When I started designing, I was interested in authenticity in Danish design and I found out that a lot of what we consider to be ‘Danish Design’, the(...)

The restaurant on the VSOE which demonstrate the elegance and style visible throughout the train.

I ate lobster three times in 24 hours. It all began when I stepped back in time to the 1920s and entered a world of Art Deco luxury, fiction and quit(...)

W hatever happened to Skippy’s paw? In the 1960s’ Aussie TV series, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, the FX department seemed limited to a kangaroo paw on t(...)

Security staff check IDs at Kastrups train station near Copenhagen, Denmark. Sweden requires train companies with  bridge-and-tunnel links from Denmark to refuse passengers without ID. Photograph: Bjorn Lindgren / TT News Agency via AP

It’s a freezing but sunny morning in Copenhagen and a queue has formed at the information desk of the redbrick central train station. The woman on th(...)

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