City of London

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The city of London financial district and the river Thames

Britain plans to buttress the City of London’s global competitiveness and openness once it moves outside the EU with new financial services sector leg(...)

Union and EU flags flying outside the Palace of Westminster, London. The UK has expressed recent confidence that a deal can be done by the end of the month.  Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

A seventh round of talks between the EU and UK over post-Brexit trade relations resumed on Tuesday evening over dinner between EU chief negotiator Mic(...)

UK banks may be forced to grapple with a complex patchwork of national rules

The EU’s financial services chief has warned the City of London it may have to wait beyond the end of this year to know whether it will secure prized (...)

British prime minister Boris Johnson speaks with Russian president Vladimir Putin during the International Libya Conference in Berlin in January. Photograph: Alexei Nikolsky/ EPA/ Sputnik/ Kremlin

Boris Johnson’s 10-month delay in releasing the Russia report from Westminster’s intelligence and security committee led many to expect a smoking gun (...)

Colm Ryan outside his back-in-business winebar, Cru, in Kinsale, Co Cork

I left Dublin in the summer of 1990 after graduating from Trinity with a degree in economics. I was 22 years old, a fluent Irish speaker and (...)

The Locri  hospital in southern Italy, where patients are often sent elsewhere for lack of doctors, the elevators are endlessly in disrepair and the CT scan works one day, but not the next. Infiltration by the mafia, major doctor shortages, and a regional health agency hundreds of millions of euro in debt were some of the challenges the hospital confronted in 2019 – before coronavirus. Photograph:  Gianluca Chininea/AFP via Getty Images

The body of his son was barely cold when the ­grieving father was threatened by men from the funeral company. Inside the mortuary of an austere hospit(...)

‘Having once had the job of drawing up team holiday rotas, I know it has always required the skills of a Nobel-winning diplomat and a butcher,’ writes Pilita Clark. Photograph: Frank Miller

At the start of this year I made a plan to spend this Easter break flying down on easyJet to a house near a beach at the bottom of Spain. Along with t(...)

The places where people flocked to, the plazas, beaches, fairgrounds, restaurants, movie theaters, tourist Meccas and train stations, all now lie e(...)

Tánaiste Simon Coveney on  the BBC’s  Andrew Marr Show on Sunday.

Passing law to prevent the extension of Brexit negotiations will not force the EU to rush into a deal, Tánaiste Simon Coveney has warned. Mr Coveney (...)

Minister for  Marine Michael Creed told the Business Post: “What we will be saying is ‘you want your financial passporting into the European Union from the City of London . . . We want access to your waters’.”

Irish fishermen will have to be allowed into British waters as a “quid pro quo” if Britain wants its financial firms and airlines to retain easy EU ac(...)

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