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 Cathy Wintsch enjoying an early game of Paddy’s Day golf in Geneva, Switzerland

This week we asked what you’ll be doing on a St Patrick’s Day like no other – wherever you are in the world. Here’s what you told us It just didn’t f(...)

Jimi Hendrix performs at the Royal Albert Hall in London in February 1969. Photograph: David Redfern/Redferns/Getty Images.

On the landing of Dave Tiger Taylor’s home in Crumlin, there is a European tour poster of a kind familiar to most rock fans. It’s a psychedelic repres(...)

Photograph: iStock

Apple in 2017 unveiled a charger for iPhones, AirPods and other products that promised users a feature no company had been able to perfect: the abilit(...)

Morgan Cabot, as she nears completion of the Everesting challenge of cycling the equivalent of Mt Everest’s altitude on Mount Seymour in Vancouver, Canada. Photograph: Alec Jacobson/New York Times

The biking challenge known as Everesting is catching on: pick a hill and cycle up it for 8,848 metres, the same as the world’s highest mountain (...)

Interior shot of a self-driving Lexus car.

The coming of the robot car has been screamed loud from every headline and tech blog for the past decade, but increasingly car makers are being more c(...)

Bosco: a ginger-haired, property-owning gaelgoir with an uafasach temper

The easiest way to get a television programme commissioned these days is to spend billions on physics research that will enable you to travel to the p(...)

President Donald Trump addresses a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, on Tuesday. Photograph: Jim Lo Scalzo/AP

US president Donald Trump sought to herald the beginning of a “new chapter of American greatness” on Tuesday night as he urged Congress to unite behin(...)

Police stand near the pickup truck that landed at Chicano Park after it flew off a ramp to the San Diego Coronado Bridge in San Diego on Saturday. Photograph: Hayne Palmour IV/The San Diego Union-Tribune via AP

A member of the US Navy was arrested after the pick-up truck he was driving plunged off a San Diego bridge, killing four people and injuring nine at a(...)

“She seems to come with an awful lot of scatter cushions” a friend once said, with an air of alarm

“She seems to come with an awful lot of scatter cushions” a friend once said, with an air of alarm, soon after his girlfriend moved in. At the time I (...)