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EU leaders gather for an  EU summit at Bratislava castle: while the  meeting marks the start of the conversation about Europe, there have been calls for consideration of a multitiered EU, built around a core who want to integrate further and a looser constellation. Photograph: Ronald Zak/AP

Perched dramatically on the hill above the Slovak capital of Bratislava stands Bratislava castle, once the royal seat of the Hungarian empire. The lo(...)

European Council president Donald Tusk speaks to journalists as he arrives in Bratislava on Thursday for the summit of  EU leaders taking place on Friday. Photograph: Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty Images

Leaders of European Union member states gather in Slovakia on Friday for their first summit since Britain’s decision to leave the European Union in J(...)

Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel arrives at the  G20 Summit, in Hangzhou, China, on Sunday. Photograph:  Etienne Oliveau/Reuters

Even a month ago, it seemed merely a matter of time before Angela Merkel announced she was running for a fourth term in next year’s election. But afte(...)

Researchers have shown that dogs  understand spoken words and  gain information from the intonation used. File photograph: Gil Cohen-Magen/AFP/Getty Images

Dogs might know a lot more than we give them credit for, according to a research team in Budapest. The researchers have shown that man’s best friend(...)

The Republic of Councils Monument (1969), by Istvan Kiss, at Memento Park, Budapest: the park is an  intriguingly elegant  place to which the plaques and monuments to the icons of the Communist period have been exiled. Photograph:  DeAgostini/Getty Images

How we remember things is an interesting business. Neuroscientists and psychologists describe how even the act of remembering something changes memory(...)

A portrait of Attila the Hun watches over Hungary’s Kurultaj festival of ancient Turkic cultures and traditions. Photograph: Daniel McLaughlin

Every second summer, the outskirts of the village of Bugac resound to beating drums, whipcracks, traditional Turkic music and the rumble of galloping (...)

The Grand Opera in Paris: the Parisians estimate their cost would be about $7 billion, a bargain-basement amount by Olympics standards. Photograph: Dmitry Kostyukov/The New York Times

Behind the scenes of the on-track Olympic events, there is a stealth competition taking place in the hallways and hotels of Rio de Janiero worth tens (...)

 Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes GP chats to the media in Budapest. His attempt to take pole in Hungary suffered a setback on Friday, while team-mate and rival Nico Rosberg had the  quickest time. Photograph: Charles Coates/Getty Images

Might peace be declared at Mercedes? Let’s sincerely hope not. The team, who on Friday renewed Nico Rosberg’s contract until 2018, will not share thi(...)

A man holds his baby in a tent at a migrant camp  on the Serbia-Hungary border in Horgos:  temperatures are now regularly above 30 degrees, and the makeshift camp has few toilets, no bathrooms and only one water tap. Photograph: Alexa Stankovic/AFP/Getty Images

Refugees and migrants are stuck in growing numbers and deteriorating conditions at a fence on the Hungary-Serbia frontier as relations between states(...)

SEASIDE SOJOURNS Lobster trawl in Connemara: Join John the skipper at Roundstone pier and go on a three-hour boat journey (below). Visit the deserted (...)

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