Boat workers Chris Bostwick, Mark and Mike Rodgriguez secure a boat at Haulover Marina in Haulover Beach, Florida, as they prepare for Hurricane Dorian. Photograph:Michele Eve Sandberg/AFP

Ned and Lisa Keahey were well aware that the second-most powerful Atlantic hurricane on record was heading for them, having watched the weather radar (...)

Satellite image of Hurricane Dorian 7.05pm Irish time  on Sunday.  Photograph: EPA/Nasa

Hurricane Dorian pounded the Bahamas on Monday, peeling off roofs, snapping power lines and inundating homes with floodwater while creeping toward the(...)

Matthew Riggins after an arrest in 2013. Photograph: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office/AFP/Getty Images

A 22-year-old man suspected of burglarising homes in Florida drowned and was partially eaten by an alligator after he waded into a lake, apparently to(...)

Curtis Jones  completed his sentence at a medium security prison in South Florida. His sister is due to be released in the coming days. Photograph: Getty Images

A Florida man who was convicted of committing murder at the age of 12 after being tried as an adult left prison on Tuesday morning after serving almos(...)

A combo handout picture released by the Brevard County Sheriff shows fugitive Frank Freshwater who escaped from an Ohio prison in 1959 and was arrested in Melbourne, Florida, 5th May 2015. Photograph: Brevard County Sheriff

A convicted killer who ecaped from a prison farm in Ohio in 1959 has been rearrested after spending 56 years on the run.Frank Freshwaters (79) admitte(...)