Model and actor Olivia Tracey: ‘Los Angeles can be brutal to get ahead so you reap what you sow.’ Photograph: Erin Manning

Model, actor and writer Olivia Tracey was enjoying a successful career in Ireland, but the dream of living in Los Angeles was an itch she had to scrat(...)

‘White is the most wonderful colour of all, because within it one can find every colour of the rainbow,’ said architect Richard Meier. That’s all very well until you’re trying to keep it clean

An artist who once worked at the Getty Center in Los Angeles told me a funny story. The artist was Robert Irwin, who designed the gardens, and also fa(...)

Bob Geldof: “This is a rock’n’roll festival. When you come to a rock’n’ roll festival you dress for a rock’n’roll festival.” Photograph: Adam Berry/Getty Images

He might not like Mondays, but it seems Thursdays are starting to annoy Bob Geldof too. The singer, who was performing with his band, The Boomtown R(...)