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A 2010 file photo of forensic experts uncovering the remains of people killed during the  Bosnian war, on the shore of lake Perucac near Visegrad. Photograph: Danilo Krstanovic /Reuters

Two decades after Serb soldiers carried out house-to-house searches in a campaign of ethnic killings in Bosnia, forensic scientists are digging up wha(...)

Bosnian Muslims speak with a surveyor in Krusev Do as part of Bosnia’s first postwar census. Photograph: Reuters

Bosnia’s first census since its devastating 1992-1995 war – a survey intended to reveal the long-lasting effects of that conflict – is stoking the eth(...)

Actors perform in an open-air play in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on September 28th. The play combines accounts and dramatisation of acts of wars in the Palestinian territories, Vietnam, Northern Ireland, Chile and Bosnia and is symbolically set below the famous Ottoman-era Old Bridge in the town which was smashed in the 1990s war and then rebuilt. Photograph: Dado Ruvic/Reuters

Bosnia launched its first census as an independent state today - a politically charged event that has revived ethnic rifts and could shake the delica(...)

Former Bosnian Croat leader Jadranko Prlic. Photograph: Reuters.

Former Bosnian Croat leader Jadranko Prlic was convicted of war crimes committed in Bosnia and sentenced to 25 years in jail at the International Crim(...)

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