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Gary Whelan: ‘Our first date was a trip around the Ring of Kerry.’

Gary Whelan, Dresden: ‘I would have moved anywhere to live with my fantastic Polish wife’ I was at home with Skype online. It had a search option the(...)

Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos is on a three-day visit to Washington this week. Photograph: Guillermo Legaria/AFP/Getty Images

Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos began a three-day visit to Washington this week to drum up support for his country’s peace process, and to par(...)

Kieran Duffy: ‘Public healthcare here is notoriously poor, and few will have any confidence in the government’s ability to effectively tackle the crisis.’

I first arrived in Colombia in August 2014, after spending some time travelling in South America. Having previously taught English in South Korea for (...)

Colombia has found the wreck of the Spanish galleon San José which  sank off the coast of Cartagena in 1708 and is thought to be laden with treasure. Image: Wikipedia/‘Samuel Scott 3’ by Samuel Scott.

Colombia’s president has hailed the discovery of a Spanish galleon that went down off the nation’s coast with what may be the world’s largest sunken t(...)

Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos. The government and leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) have waded through a five-point agenda during negotiations to end 51 years of war. Photograph: John Vizcaino/Reuters

Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos said on Wednesday he is confident he will be in a position to call a ceasefire with Marxist Farc rebels starti(...)

A group of people crosses the border from Venezuela to Colombia on a boat navigating the Sardinata River in Puerto Santander, Colombia. Photograph: Manuel Hernandez/EPA

Brazil and Argentina’s foreign ministers visited Bogotá on Friday in an effort to kick-start dialogue between Colombia and Venezuela over a border (...)

Fiona Dolan: ‘They are truly happy to see foreigners visiting what, less than 20 years ago, was the world’s most dangerous city, home to Pablo Escobar and his infamous drugs cartel.’

This article was received as an entry into the Generation Emgiration “Why I love living in...” competition, which closes this Saturday, June 6th. For (...)

Colombian soldiers carry the body of a comrade killed after a rebel attack in La Esperanza village, Colombia, last month. Farc rebels on Friday suspended a ceasefire after government troops killed 26 of its fighters. Photograph: Reuters/Jaime Saldarriaga/Files

Colombia’s Marxist Farc rebels suspended a unilateral ceasefire after government troops killed 26 of its fighters, the guerrilla group said on Friday,(...)

 Martin von Hildebrand: spearheading what may be the world’s largest protected area extending across the Amazon basin from the Andes to the Atlantic. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Climate change can only be tackled if it is “not just a white man’s project”, leading Colombian ethnologist and Irish graduate Dr Martin von Hildebran(...)

A Colombian army soldier stands next to packages of seized cocaine during a press conference at a military base in Colombia. Photograph: Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty Images

The country’s public enemy number one is rich, elusive – and ruthless

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