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Picking up the pieces: devastation in Leyte. Photograph: Kevin Frayer/Getty

If there are “lucky” people when a natural disaster wreaks destruction on a place, they might look rather like the people of Bogo. The city, which has(...)

Zigfred Duterig, mayor of the village of IIlihan on Cebu Island in the Philippines. “What do we need? Food, water, shelter, rice, sardines, nordos.” Photograph: Peter Murtagh

The typhoon that devastated a swathe of the central Philippines clipped the northern tip of Cebu Island, though most of the coverage of the consequen(...)

Filipino soldiers bring Tacloban residents to a military plane leaving Tacloban airport in central Philippines. Photograph: Reuters/Bobby Yip

The children stand in clusters with wooden signs at the side of the road, their palms outstretched. “Please help us,” reads one sign, scrawled in perm(...)