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Robyn and Heather Crowley: It was Rpobyn’s first-ever marathon and my third, having done Zurich in 2014 and Barcelona earlier this year.

I have just finished my first Dublin marathon with my sister Robyn. It was her first-ever marathon and my third, having done Zurich in 2014 and Barce(...)

US Republican senator Ron Johnson values his shareholding in DP Lenticular at between $250,000 and $500,000. Photograph: Bloomberg

A US Republican party senator who defends companies’ rights to avoid taxes through international subsidiaries has a $500,000 (€455,000) stake in an Ir(...)

Portugal's sunny Algarve

The leather of the car seats is already burning as we climb into the vehicle to continue our tour around the Vilamoura resort in Portugal’s sunny Alg(...)

With more than 650 entries in this year’s Irish Times Travel Writer competition in association with Travel Department, our judges have had some diffi(...)

Going abroad? Beware of helpful strangers – they may be part of the scam. Photograph: Svetlana Klaise/Getty Images

I was in Barcelona recently and was reminded of how important it is to avoid being scammed, skimmed, or parted from your money, cards and telephone. T(...)

Enjoy this trip: a brief history of falls abroad

I once met a woman who had a tattoo of her world travels. It started in New York,ended in Melbourne and included copies of her visas and passport stam(...)

F Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway: their story began in Paris, as did mine

Following two writers around the world was never going to be an easy task, especially when neither stayed in one place for long. F Scott Fitzgerald an(...)

 Andy Murray attends a press conference in Beijing, China. He believes the hotel maid followed him to two tournaments after she was spotted at his hotels. Photograph: Etienne Oliveau/Getty Images

Andy Murray claims he was stalked around Europe by a hotel maid who once woke him by entering his bedroom and stroking his arm. The Wimbledon and Oly(...)

Paris could set up a park for nudists as early as next summer. Photograph: Getty Images

Paris could set up a park for nudists as early as next summer, in a possible first for a capital city, in a country that is the world’s top destinatio(...)

Paul Gregg’s  Amorphous, 2006, plastic and helium: at the RHA Gallagher Gallery

To Swallow a Ball – Vanessa Donoso López The Lab, Dublin ***** There’s a temporary air to Vanessa Donoso López’s show at The Lab. Appropriately so (...)

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