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 Lina Prieto and her daughter, Luna, at their home in Bogotá, Colombia. Photograph: Federico Rios/New York Times

Her mother, a housekeeper, never made it past second grade. Her father, a policeman, never finished high school. But Lina Prieto had won a spot in the(...)

Gravediggers carry a coffin during a collective burial of people that have died due to the coronavirus disease  at the Parque Taruma cemetery in Manaus, on Tuesday. Photograph: Bruno Kelly/Reuters

Deaths from the coronavirus outbreak have piled up so fast in the Amazon rainforest’s biggest city that the main cemetery is burying five coffins at a(...)

The Brazilian study involved 81 hospitalised patients. Photograph: iStock

A small study in Brazil was halted early for safety reasons after coronavirus patients taking a higher dose of chloroquine developed irregular heart r(...)

A tract of Amazon jungle burning as it is cleared by loggers and farmers in Iranduba, Amazonas state, Brazil August 20th, 2019. Photograph: Bruno Kelly/Reuters

Wildfires raging in the Amazon rainforest have hit a record number this year, with 72,843 fires detected so far by Brazil’s space research centre INPE(...)

A relative of an inmate reacts in front of a prison complex in the Brazilian state of Amazonas after prisoners were found strangled to death in four separate jails. Photograph: Bruno Kelly/Reuters

The leaders of a gang involved in Brazil’s latest prison massacre will be transferred to federal maximum security units later this week, authorities h(...)

The graves at Nossa Senhora Aparecida Cemetery of the inmates killed in the recent riots in prisons in Manaus, Amazonas state, Brazil. Photograph: Raphael Alves/AFP/Getty Images

The official in charge of a Brazilian prison where 56 inmates were murdered on New Year’s Day has been suspended from his job amid allegations he acce(...)

Around 60 people have been killed in a bloody prison riot sparked by a war between rival drug gangs in the Amazon jungle city of Manaus in Brazil.

Around 60 people have been killed in a bloody prison riot sparked by a war between rival drug gangs in the Amazon jungle city of Manaus, officials sa(...)

The Olympic torch   ceremony in Manaus, northern Brazil,  featuring the  jaguar,   named Juma, who was   shot dead by soldiers shortly after the ceremony when   he escaped.  Photograph: Jair Araujo/AFP/Getty Images

A jaguar featured at an Olympic torch ceremony was shot dead by a soldier shortly after the event in the Brazilian Amazon city of Manaus as the anima(...)