Alice Springs

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The trio’s truck  became bogged down in a riverbed and they suddenly found themselves in a battle for survival. Photograph: iStock

The three Australians told family and friends they were making a quick trip into the central Australian outback. But when their truck became bogged do(...)

 Mum’s cooking is best: Tara Stewart’s family recipe for red lentil dhal

My mum is the best cook on the planet, hands down. That’s a big statement, but it’s true. She can make the most delicious meals out of the most basic,(...)

A view of Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock, the day before a permanent ban on climbing the monolith takes effect. Photograph: Stefica Bikes/Reuters

Indigenous traditional owners in Ausrtralia have watched tourists climb over their sacred rock Uluru for the final time after years of pleading for pe(...)

Visitors will no longer be able to scale the Australian landmark, formerly known as Ayers Rock, from October 26th.

Thousands of people are rushing to climb Australia’s Uluru, ignoring the calls of indigenous people to stay off what they consider a sacred monolith, (...)

Ford Raptor sails above Moroccan sand dunes

Mind the donkey on the way out and careful of the camels. With those words of warning it was time to trek the rocky roads and mountain passes of Moroc(...)

Aboriginal women performing a traditional dance at a cultural event near Uluru, in the Northern Territory, Australia. Photograph: EPA/Dan Peled

In early December, 1992, I was very excited at the prospect of going to Uluru while backpacking around Australia, but then I badly sprained my foot in(...)

Robert  Curgenven in St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, Austria

When you enter CIT’s Wandesford Quay gallery in Cork, there is a maze made of black fabric. Inside the maze, voices speak over one another: tongue-twi(...)

Ryan Moore rides Minding to victory in the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes  at Ascot. Photograph: Alan Crowhurst/Getty

Ruby Walsh has pinpointed the Grand Steeplechase de Paris, French racing’s equivalent of the Cheltenham Gold Cup, as his next major international targ(...)

Antoinette Carroll, from Dublin, a youth justice advocate in Alice Springs, Australia.

In the past month, the name Dylan Voller has become synonymous with the treatment meted out to some youth offenders in Australia’s Northern Territory.(...)