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Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau at  the Famine Memorial on Dublin’s Custom House Quay as part of his brief visit to Dublin on Tuesday. Photograph: AFP  / Paul Faith/Getty Images

Prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau visited the Famine Memorial on Dublin’s Custom House Quay as part of his brief visit to Dublin on Tuesday, fol(...)

Sharon  and Rob with their family in Manitoba: ‘The lives of my children and grandchildren now are forever mingled with Canada.’

Growing up outside Buncrana in Co Donegal in the 1970s, the thought of moving to Canada was as remote as could be. Mrs Bryce, my teacher at St Mura’s (...)

Joshua Robert Tremblay (34) has pleaded guilty to two counts of child-luring, one count of sexual interference and two counts of breaching conditions.

A Canadian man, who travelled to Ireland twice for sex with a 14-year-old Irish girl, is expected to be sentenced on Wednesday in Edmonton, Canada, fo(...)

Glenlo Abbey Hotel in Galway: the White Glove Package begins with chauffeur collection from the train station and continues with your very own personal butler.

NEWS Silver Service: Glenlo Abbey Hotel in Galway takes the prize for the most luxurious new experience. The new White Glove Package begins with cha(...)

US president Donald Trump  announces the approval of a permit to build the Keystone XL pipeline, in the White House in Washington, DC. Photograph: Evan Vucci/AP Photo

US president Donald Trump’s administration approved TransCanada Corp’s Keystone XL pipeline on Friday, cheering the oil industry and angering environm(...)

Craig Paradis  of Advance Drilling, operates the brake handle on a drilling rig for Crescent Point Energy as two roughnecks add a pipe extension to drill deeper into the Bakken formation near Oungre, Saskatchewan in 2012. File photograph: Reuters/Rod Nickel/Files

A pipeline in the western Canadian province of Saskatchewan has leaked 200,000 litres (52,834 gallons) of oil in an aboriginal community, the provinci(...)

Cathy Murphy, executive director of the Irish Canadian Emigration Centre in Toronto, expects Irish immigration to remain strong. Photograph: Benny Corrigan

It was 11.30pm December 21st 2011 when Eamonn O’Loghlin, the chair of the newly established Irish Canadian Immigration Centre, called to offer me the (...)

Furuzamani Beach, Zamami Island, Kerama Islands, Okinawa, Japan
52 Places to Go in 2017
  • Travel
  • January 11, 2017, 12:30

1. Canada: A world to explore. Canada has cosmopolitan cities, barely explored natural wonders and everything in between. Canada is huge — the s(...)

The O’Donnells: Peter, Bernadette, Aidan, John, Maureen (Curran) and  Brian.

Over Christmas, Irish Times Abroad is offering the chance for two people to win a trip to visit family or friends living overseas with the Flying Visi(...)

Danielle Romeril: “It was about identity and putting a vision for yourself forward and being lucky enough to have friends who knew a bit more than I did.” Photograph: Johnny McMillan

Don O’Neill recalls his upbringing in Ballyheigue, Co Kerry as nothing short of magical. “The castle behind my house is haunted,” he says. “ We woul(...)

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