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The first rule of wills  is that any will drawn up renders a previous will null and void. Photograph: Getty Images

A good 12 or 13 years ago I asked my then solicitor to prepare my will. When I had reason to(...)

Where there’s a will: an executor cannot be challenged for failure to move to settle the estate for the first 12 months after they have been appointed. This is called the executor’s year. Photograph: iStock

My brother is the executor of my mother’s will. I am his sister. Am I entitled to see the will(...)

It was claimed Bunny Cox’s consent and/or signature to the deed of transfer was procured by duress and/or undue influence. File photograph: Getty Images

(...). A key part of the agreement relates to the sale of part of the lands which will pay off outstanding(...)

Ironically, in Irish law, while marriage does generally invalidate any previously drafted will, divorce does not.

(...) acrimoniously some years ago but she never drew up a new will. However, during their separation, it came to(...)