Will my daughter qualify for carer’s allowance after the changes announced in the budget?

My daughter was refused carer’s allowance because she does some part-time work. I see that changes were announced in the budget but I am struggling to(...)

SIPTU’s STOP67 campaign to reverse the pension age increase to age 67 in 2021 and 68 in 2028, pictured in January were pensioners Christy Waters from Clondalkin and Pat Daly from Galway. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

There is clearly growing concern in official circles around political stagnation over pension reform. On Thursday, the Department of Finance publish(...)

Leaving aside the extraordinary events of 2020, social welfare payments actually fell over the preceding nine years – from €21.1bn  in 2011 to €20.9bn  in 2019. Photograph: Eric Luke

Pandemic support payments from the Department of Social Protection clearly skewed its figures last year. The department saw a 46 per cent jump overall(...)

Families are unlikely to see any substantial changes to their take-home pay come January

After the damp squib that was last year’s Brexit-flavoured budget, it would have been reasonable to expect one sprinkled with more giveaways this time(...)

Windfall gains can be a double-edged sword to people on benefits. Photograph: Getty Images

My brother has a history of drug abuse and homelessness. For the past few years, he and his girlfriend have been living in an apartment where they are(...)

A man holds an anti-Brexit banner on Westminster Bridge in London. Photograph: Yves Herman/File Photo/Reuters

Brexit is proving even more of a headache than most people had anticipated. And the closer the deadline for agreement looms, the higher the risk that (...)