The first rule of balancing your personal books is that you use any resources that come your way to pay off debt before investing in savings. Photograph: iStock

My wife and I have recently sold an investment property and have a nice nest egg as a result. We cannot decide what to do with this money: should we(...)

The easiest solution could be to contact your solicitor for a copy of your loan offer.

I got my mortgage through a broker 12 years ago (just after prices had started to drop...but not enough in hindsight). The broker has now closed, and (...)

 Ulster Bank on Dame Street in Dublin: There is likely to be a significant gap between a formal decision and actual closure or transfer. Photograph:  Sasko Lazarov/

Having read your article on what customers should do regarding the potential closure of Ulster Bank, I have a follow up question. For home owners wit(...)

The High Court has approved an arrangement that will see six PTSB mortgage customers be awarded up to €25,000 in compensation. Photograph:  Reuters/Michaela Rehle

An arrangement for payment of compensation to several bankrupt people in relation to tracker mortgages they held with Permanent TSB has been approved (...)

It’s the latest solution to the lack of supply in the property market, and is aimed at enabling the large number of people currently unable to (...)