Philip Lane: “Many lenders publicly state that they put customers first. The evidence of the examination that we have seen suggests otherwise.” Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

To say the banks have been dragged kicking and screaming to the full reality of the tracker mortgage scandal is, sadly, an understatement. They have b(...)

The banks’ heel-dragging in addressing the tracking-mortgage scandal transparently and generously is only further damaging the reputation of an already badly tarnished sector.

I refer to your article in The Irish Times last month in relation to the tracker mortgage scandal. In it, you state that certain AIB customers in 200(...)

Niall Kiernan of Lawlor Partners says he has “dozens” of aggrieved customers  who are not satisfied with the level of redress and compensation on offer to them as a result of the ongoing tracker mortgage investigation. File photograph: Getty Images

A Dublin based lawyer is hoping to bring a test case to the High Court in the first half of next year, seeking compensation for those affected by the (...)

Brexiteers are outraged after the OECD’s annual report on the UK forecast dire tidings for that economy if a disorderly Brexit becomes reality and suggested a U-turn on the issue could deliver an economic bounce.

Just one in four people affected by the tracker mortgage scandal have yet received any compensation, according to the latest Central Bank update. Fion(...)