Both Bank of Ireland and KBC have now committed to not challenging time limitations, and advised the ombudsman of this

KBC Bank cited controversial time limit rules when challenging 27 complaints to the financial services ombudsman related to tracker mortgage issues, T(...)

I have a tracker mortgage for €80,000 taken out for a self-build six-bedroom house. I had it for years and I wanted to finish the house so I needed mo(...)

AIB chairman Richard Pym at bank’s agm. Photograph: Sam Boal/

For a sector supposedly trying to convince customers, regulators and politician shareholders that it is a very different creature from the reckless ch(...)

KBC, or IIB Homeloans as it was called back then, did advertise a promise in late 2006 that its “standard practice” was to transfer everyone on a fixed rate to a tracker mortgage at the end of the fixed term as a default

Early in 2006 I was accepted by KBC bank for a mortgage. I was a first-time buyer, and knew nothing about banking, mortgages etc. I started off with(...)

Tracker mortgage query: if you get nowhere with the bank, you can approach the Financial Services Ombudsman with your case. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

I took my tracker mortgage from Bank of Ireland January 2005. I got a refund from the bank for the period between 2010 and 2017. During that period, t(...)

I’d have taken the arm off any lender who was offering a tracker at less than one percentage point over the prevailing ECB rate

In October 2005 I purchased a home in which I still live. I got a 100 per cent mortgage from Ulster Bank. After three years I requested a change to a (...)

By 2009, all the banks had woken up to the reality of the unsustainable rates they had been offering on trackers. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

In 2008, I took out a tracker mortgage for a self-build. I subsequently needed more money to complete the build and, in 2009, requested a top-up on th(...)

“The tracker mortgage crisis has been one of a litany of shameful behaviours by Irish lenders that spend millions on marketing budgets telling us how much they care for us as customers.” Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

In 2007, I qualified for the Dublin City Council affordable housing scheme and was able to purchase an apartment at a reduction from market price. I(...)

Activist Margaretta D’Arcy is escorted from the platform during the AIB EGM after inviting board members to report themselves to the Garda for their conduct in the tracker mortgage scandal. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Shareholders in AIB have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a restructuring of the bank aimed at meeting new European rules on minimising future taxpay(...)

AIB was issuing more than 30,000 mortgages a year in the three years up to 2008. According to the bank’s figures, between 10 and 14 per cent of its customers were on fixed rates. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Thousands of AIB fixed-rate mortgage customers have been unfairly excluded from its tracker mortgage redress scheme, contrary to guidelines set out by(...)

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