tax threshold

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‘You clearly wish to accommodate your son and his family in purchasing the house.’ Photograph: iStock

My son, his partner and three young children live in a house that my wife and I own. He has been paying rent to us for the past three years. We declar(...)

The applicable inheritance tax threshold is the one in place at the time the parent dies

Just on your recent article on inheritance, when the threshold rises that’s fine but what happens when you are within the threshold and then the thres(...)

If your mother already has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, it may  be too late to draw up an  enduring power of attorney to ensure that the people she trusts are those making decisions for her should her Alzheimer’s deteriorate

I live and care for my mum, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s but is functioning well and still very lucid. I moved home from abroad to help ou(...)