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When you switch mortgages, there are two considerations: lower monthly payments and what you save overall in interest payments over the remaining life of your loan. Illustration: iStock

(...) for switching our mortgage as they have an attractive rate of 1.95 per cent. I am finding it very hard(...)

As long as you pay your mortgage in full in line with your agreed contract, there should be no reason not to change a fourth time or more as circumstances dictate. Photograph: iStock

(...) multiple insurers for quotes to save €50. As my colleague, Fiona Reddan, noted recently, switching from a(...)

A quick check of the rates shows that Ulster’s 2.6 per cent is still short of the 2.2 per cent on offer at Avant if your loan is less than 80 per cent loan to value. Photograph: Gareth Fuller

We are actually thinking of switching our mortgage to Ulster Bank from Bank of Ireland to take(...)

 Ulster Bank on Dame Street in Dublin: There is likely to be a significant gap between a formal decision and actual closure or transfer. Photograph:  Sasko Lazarov/Rollingnews.ie

(...) penalty. On the subject of switching, Mr M.C. wants to know what his options are. If he moves, “would it(...)

Boosting your finances: “It’s really just about taking back control of many of your everyday household expenses, by either switching – or threatening to switch – a host of service providers.” File photograph: Getty Images

(...) back control of many of your everyday household expenses, by either switching – or threatening to(...)

A 2015 survey from the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission showed that just 2 per cent of mortgage holders have switched in the past five years. This is despite the fact that the Central Bank found last year that some 109,705 people could save money by switching mortgages.  Photograph: Kate Geraghty

Switching is back in the news again, with the high interest rates paid by Irish mortgage customers(...)

Mortgage moving: banks are now looking to win low-risk customers by offering switching deals

(...) offering switching deals. Indeed, most of the better rates are now available only to new customers. If you(...)