Minister for Social Protection Heather Humphreys, who has secured Cabinet approval for the new Pensions Commission

Private sector companies that force workers to retire onto unemployment benefit payments at 65 face examination under the new Pensions Commission. Th(...)

For 20 years’ work, you will get almost the same pension as someone who paid into the system for up to 50 full years.

I will be 66 years of age next year. I moved to Ireland in 1995, and started paying PRSI at that point. So for 26 years, since 1995 to 2021. I will (...)

The last government announced plans to increase the age of retirement to 67 next year and 68 in 2028, but it became a major issue during the general election campa.

The state pension age will not rise to 67 next January, the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Michael McGrath confirmed in his budget speech(...)

Assuming the aspiring coalition partners do go into government, changes on both the state pension age and a move to the new Total Contributions Approach (TCA) will be put on ice pending the deliberations of a yet to be formed pensions commission.

Is the new Pensions Commission being set up by the putative coalition to look at changes in the pension age and other things likely to include discuss(...)

In light of an independent review of the UK’s state pension age, experts warn that those in their 30s and younger may eventually face  drawing their pension at 70.

Britain’s state pension age should increase to 68 by 2039, an independent review recommends. In addition, the existing “triple lock” guarantee, which(...)