Forget about your Apples and your Googles, it’s income taxes that are driving the Irish economy. Photograph: iStock

Budget 2019 is fast approaching and, at times, it seems you can’t see the sky for all the kites being flown. One proposal that now seems a near certai(...)

Ireland is not a high tax country. The Republic collects one of the lowest amounts of tax as a proportion of GDP in the OECD.

With the budget fast approaching, tax cuts are on everyone’s minds. But is it time for a wider analysis of our tax system? It’s not something we’re i(...)

Data from the Revenue Commissioners shows that 875,000 individuals didn’t pay any income tax in 2013, just over 40% of income earners

Next year’s budget will, superficially, be free of bailout restrictions. It may or may not conform to the planned adjustment of another €2+ billion. T(...)