Should self-employed pay more in social insurance to access a broader range of benefits?

Last month the Government announced plans to widen the net of eligibility for those who need State support when their business dries up. From November(...)

The minimum your daughter would need for a State pension is 10 years of social insurance/PRSI payments. That would give her a pension equivalent to 25 per cent of the prevailing full pension

My daughter is working for a Buddhist charity in Nepal for the past five years. She is 43 years old and has only about two years’ experience of workin(...)

A man holds an anti-Brexit banner on Westminster Bridge in London. Photograph: Yves Herman/File Photo/Reuters

Brexit is proving even more of a headache than most people had anticipated. And the closer the deadline for agreement looms, the higher the risk that (...)

The United States is one of the countries with which Ireland has a bilateral social insurance agreement with. Photograph: iStock

I am an Irish citizen currently residing in the United States. I left Ireland in February 1977. I had worked there from August 1974 until January 1977(...)