As long as everyone stays within the rules, Revenue is comfortable that this is a well-used and, in the grand scheme of things, modest tax break.

The €3,000 tax free gift frequently features in your column. I have been making such gift (in cash) to my son for years but there is no formal documen(...)

Small gift exemption: a parent can transfer €3,000 a year to a child tax free. Photograph: Getty

I have a question on gifting my children (aged eight and 10) €3,000 each year. I have started doing it only in the past couple of years. Am I allowed (...)

Nursing homecare under Fair Deal: Certain other things clearly are not deductible, including ancillary costs of your mum in the nursing home, such as hairdressing and optional activities. Photograph: John Stillwell/PA

My mother recently went into a nursing home and is part of the Fair Deal scheme. My question is, does she have any access to her savings now that they(...)

As long as your annual gift is at or below €3,000, you do not need to declare it

You have stated several times that a child can receive up to €335,000 from a parent without having to worry about CAT. Is there a tax-free limit to th(...)

I’m a widow and I’d like to gift my daughter €3,000 every year under the small gift exemption. I would also like to gift the same amount to her husban(...)

You are free to give your stepchildren up to €3,000 a year on top of any similar sum given to them by your husband. Photograph: iStock

I have just read your article, Will our stepchildren lose out on inheritance, from last September, which was very helpful. I have an additional query;(...)

It’s difficult enough to get on the housing ladder these days without lenders putting unnecessary barriers in the way. Photograph: iStock

My girlfriend and I are looking to buy a house. Her father would like to give her a gift of €35,000 towards it. The bank has told us that, because we (...)

Tax-free: rather than an annual gift, the French permit a single financial gift in any 15-year period. Photograph: Charles Platiau/Reuters

I live in France and my parents gift me €6,000 every year. The French tax authorities are asking questions about it and refuse to give me my income ta(...)

Each parent can give up to €3,000 to a person in a given tax year. That means your two parents can legitimately gift you up to €6,000 between them with no tax liability, either for you or your parents. Photograph: Getty Images

We are first-time buyers currently applying for a mortgage. Over the years I have received gifts from my parents within the rules of the small gift ex(...)

Is there is any way we can ensure our child gets our home and does not incur a vast inheritance tax bill? Photograph: Chris Ison/PA Wire

My wife and I are both retired and we have one child whom we wish to give, by inheritance/or gift, whichever is better, our home, which we own. As i(...)

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