‘You clearly wish to accommodate your son and his family in purchasing the house.’ Photograph: iStock

My son, his partner and three young children live in a house that my wife and I own. He has been paying rent to us for the past three years. We declar(...)

Holiday home has multiplied in value since purchased. Photograph: iStock

Could you give me some guidance regarding a holiday home that I purchased 20 years ago for €23,000 and which is now worth approximately €80,000-€100,0(...)

Photograph: iStock

My late mother-in-law bought an apartment 25 years ago and lived in it until her death. It was rented to various tenants for over 25 years and the las(...)

There are rules about giving money to family members. And the impact is different obviously, depending on whether it is a loan or a gift. Photograph: iStock

I’m getting a loan (which I have to give him back whenever I can) from my brother who lives in the US. It’s towards my new home, for which I’m €55,000(...)

Parents need to make sure that their own finances are in tip-top shape before they start gifting funds to a child.

Funding a down payment for a home is a perennial problem and with deposit rates on the floor, some parents see the small-gift exemption as an ideal m(...)

Families are unlikely to see any substantial changes to their take-home pay come January

After the damp squib that was last year’s Brexit-flavoured budget, it would have been reasonable to expect one sprinkled with more giveaways this time(...)

Photograph: iStock.

Apart from €3,000 per year tax free, would a gift of €100,000 to my son today be added to let’s say €350,000 inherited by him on my death and be consi(...)

As long as everyone stays within the rules, Revenue is comfortable that this is a well-used and, in the grand scheme of things, modest tax break.

The €3,000 tax free gift frequently features in your column. I have been making such gift (in cash) to my son for years but there is no formal documen(...)

Small gift exemption: a parent can transfer €3,000 a year to a child tax free. Photograph: Getty

I have a question on gifting my children (aged eight and 10) €3,000 each year. I have started doing it only in the past couple of years. Am I allowed (...)

Nursing homecare under Fair Deal: Certain other things clearly are not deductible, including ancillary costs of your mum in the nursing home, such as hairdressing and optional activities. Photograph: John Stillwell/PA

My mother recently went into a nursing home and is part of the Fair Deal scheme. My question is, does she have any access to her savings now that they(...)

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