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You will almost always be paying more for a consumer loan than you will be getting by way of interest on your nest egg.

(...) euro with interest of 6.7 per cent. Would I be better to clear this loan now with savings I have(...)

Got change left over from your latte? Put it into a jar. Photograph: iStock

(...) building up a rainy day fund, or savings, for a specific reason when you don’t have very much spare cash(...)

Writing down financial goals may not mean you’ll actually achieve them, but it increases your chances of doing so.

(...). Bank of Ireland has a calculator which can help you work out your savings. Just remember to tell your(...)

(...), which could also be a revenue-raiser. Tax to fall on savings Taxes on savings have risen steadily over(...)

Before you consider diverting any savings from deposits, it is worth noting the potential consequences of such a move

(...) return on savings you may have by putting them to use elsewhere; next week we’ll take a look at some ways(...)

The bottom line, for you, is that gifting your son the €1,000 should not impact his eligibility for Jobseeker’s allowance. As it is below the €3,000 annual small gift threshold, it will also have no impact on his ability to inherit from you down the line without paying tax

How much savings can a person have before the dole payments are reduced? We would like to give each(...)

The reason most Standard Life shareholders will put 100 per cent of their return of value towards an assessment of liability for capital gains tax is because most received those shares (including the bonus shares) for nothing.    Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Would you advise transferring savings (which come from earnings in Northern Ireland) to euro to(...)

(...), if you can manage to increase your savings in 2015, your future self will thank you for it. Indeed(...)

Money maze: while there are many factors over which you have no control, there are plenty of financial decisions to improve your financial health that are within your control

(...) your gas bill, you could be in line for similar savings by switching from Bord Gáis’s standard account(...)

My widowed mother has given myself and three other children savings to hold for her in case it is(...)

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