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Loan notes will typically offer returns of 6-10 per cent a year and short investment terms of up to about three years. Interest is paid at stated points during the term, with the capital repaid at the end.

(...) carry significant risk. What is a loan note? Loan notes are, in effect, loans to a corporate entity(...)

Sometimes people will do everything right and still have a commercial failure.

In order to innovate, you first need to reframe how you talk about risk. When the word risk comes(...)

Large scale depositors are having to pay the banks to hold their money, so how can a private investor get a return on their cash?

(...) low risk. The money I got was from a house sale. I don’t really like the idea of risk. Any ideas, Post(...)

The threat posed to economic recovery and growth by the “huge and in many cases rising” weight of debt across sovereigns, corporates and the consumer is cited in the report as the major risk facing the sector. Photograph: Alan Betson

(...) sovereigns, corporates and the consumer is cited as the major risk facing the sector. Although the banking(...)

About one in 50 people acquire some kind of infection during a period in hospital, leading to major expenditure in follow-up care.

You have less risk of catching an infection during a hospital visit if you stay in a private room(...)

The Growing Up In Ireland longitudinal study looking at overweight and obesity in nine-year-olds showed that one in four children were above their correct weight

Even preschool children are at risk of becoming couch potatoes if they watch too much television(...)

Creating an environment that is more conducive to innovation starts with being more explicit about what risk-taking really means

Successful innovation is never guaranteed – it always entails a certain amount of risk. But if(...)

(...) evidence that passive smoking significantly increases the risk of lung cancer is weak and inconsistent(...)