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Mercer says that to encourage greater savings, pensions need to be made more personal and accessible and to make greater use of digital tools. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) save enough to fund a retirement that they expect to last between 15 and 20 years. In Ireland, the(...)

Time to get serious: if you’re in your 40s, you won’t be getting your State pension until you’re 68 – that’s three years later than your parents

(...) next you’re half-way to retirement. When it comes to financial planning, if you’re in your 20s or 30s(...)

Retire to the Algarve in Portugal . . . and pay 0% tax on your pension. Photograph: Hemera

How are you going to afford to live in retirement? Not sure? Well, one possible option for under(...)

Calculating your type: Patient types may opt to wait for the bigger payments while less patient souls might prefer to get their hands on the money straight away

Planning for retirement is a tricky business, with people all too commonly tripping themselves up(...)

A recent Aviva study on pensions found that, on average, workers needed to put an additional €1,000 a month into their pension savings. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) reported in SSGA’s Retirement Confidence Monitor, which tracks attitudes to savings in defined contribution(...)

Deciding how to generate an income from your pension pot is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever makeunhappy senior couple worrying about expenses

Wouldn’t retirement (for those lucky enough to get there) be so much easier if we knew when we were(...)

What’s on offer for “empty nesters”: a 1,000sq ft, two-bed apartment in The Grove, Goatstown, Dublin 14 is on the market for €470,000 What’s on offer for “empty nesters”: a 1,000sq ft, two-bed apartment in The Grove, Goatstown, Dublin 14 is on the market for €470,000

(...) release capital they may need to fund their retirement. “Pensions aren’t always sufficient and many people(...)

(...), when it comes to retirement, women typically have 35 per cent less to live on than men. Yes, the(...)

The year-long project following the savings habits of 8,000 people across the UK, shows that Northern Irish savers put aside just £1,653 towards their pensions last year.

Workers in Northern Ireland are saving less money for retirement that any other region of the UK(...)

Liam Brady: ‘Exhausted? No, no. Watching football sitting in a chair is not a chore. It’s not work’

It is a wonderful thing to be driven around Highbury by Liam Brady. It is the area of London he first came to as a teenager. Now the baby seat for (...)

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