Ireland’s expenditure on R&D is  0.78 per cent of GDP – the EU average is 2.19 per cent. Photograph: iStock

Successive Irish governments have loudly proclaimed their commitment to the creation of a knowledge economy and the high levels of research and develo(...)

Investment by Irish-owned companies in R&D  is still significant. Photograph: iStock

Electricity to power our homes and industry, the invention of the car, washing machines, antibiotics and countless other technological advances have t(...)

Ireland is on its way to meeting its renewable electricity target. However, chances of reaching the goal for transport and heat are not looking so good. Photographs: David O’Brien, Thinkstock

Many bioenergy researchers around Ireland have had to become policy experts as they attempt to navigate the complex world of regulation and legisla(...)

Food Island

Companies can halve the cost of doing research and development by taking advantage of tax breaks and credits. Many companies ignore this potent(...)