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“Gifted, adventurous people are attracted to discovery and they seek the training that comes with fundamental research.” Photograph: Rafe Swan/Cultura/Getty

(...) increase national investment in research and development from 1.4 per cent to 2.5 per cent of gross(...)

This whole discovery thing about research is over rated.

(...) harping on and on about the need to put more funding into the Irish research ecosystem. Maybe I do tend to(...)

(...) and humanities research. The Jobs allocation will see Science Foundation Ireland receive a 3.5 per(...)

Protesters against climate change pretending to be dead outside a Paris hotel last week where the International Petrol Summit was taking place.  Photograph:  EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT

(...) the face of an overwhelming volume of scientific research that shows we are causing climate change(...)

German chancellor Angela Merkel (centre) inspects the Wendelstein 7-x nuclear fusion reactor at the Max Planck Institut in northern Germany. Photograph: Bernd Wüstneck/AFP/Getty Images

(...) will once be remembered as a milestone in fusion research, ” she said. Even if the milestone doesn(...)

William C Campbell. Photograph: CJ Gunther/EPA

Trinity College Dublin, Campbell’s contribution was the outcome of a very long period of research(...)

Many of the provisions in the new science strategy are aimed directly at enterprise – both indigenous and multinational – and are all about getting more companies to do more research in partnership with academia

Innovation, with its strong enterprise bias. Basic research predominated at the end of the Celtic tiger era(...)

(...) researchers, business interests and commentators and why wouldn’t it? There is talk of more research money(...)

A meeting at Farmleigh, in Dublin, organised by the Department of Jobs, Innovation and Skills, marked a turning point. Photograph : Bryan O’Brien

(...) workable policy where all kinds of research are supported across all disciplines. Most scientists remain(...)

Creativity is central to being a leading scientist.

You won’t get very far with research or innovation if you lack creativity.. Pushing the boundaries(...)

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