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If I had funds that I want to use to help me buy my forever home in three years, I wouldn’t be putting them into an investment property. The window is to short and the outlook too uncertain – even before you consider the hassle factor. Photograph:  Alan Crowhurst/PA Wire

I recently bought my first home in Ireland last summer but sadly didn’t qualify for first-time buyers as I’d moved home from the UK only six months be(...)

If someone rents out a property, Revenue will assume that it is being done at the market rate for the property’s area. Photograph: Kate Geraghty

I have a query about rental income. A close relative of mine owns a second house which he inherited in 1996 and which is derelict for 20 years. He is (...)

It’s worth considering how investors typically hold property in Ireland, and how these various structures are taxed. Photograph: Getty

The UN special rapporteur on housing, Leilani Farha, sent a letter to the Government earlier this year questioning its decision to allow unregulated g(...)

Photograph: Frank Miller

My husband and I bought a second house to rent out in 2006 which is worth less now than the purchase price. We owe €80,000 of a mortgage at 1.35 per c(...)

A reader’s  house is too big for them. They would like to downsize, but they don’t want to sell. Photograph: Frank Miller

I have just read an article you wrote about expenses that can be set against rental income. And I have a question because I really can’t find this inf(...)

You can claim tax relief for ongoing repairs and maintenance on your rented property.  Photograph: Getty

Just looking for some advice as I have just become “an accidental landlord”. Someone was telling me you have to pay tax at 40 per cent of your rental (...)

Rental income  is subject to income tax, universal social charge and PRSI. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

My daughter bought a house in Ireland in May 2014 and moved to work in London in November 2014 . Her house is now rented. Her annual rental income is (...)

Taking on the role of landlord when renting out your apartment can be a 24/7 responsibility and  does not suit everyone. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons / THE IRISH TIMES

My wife and I need to move to a larger property before the end of the year. The choice is either to rent or buy. My question is: should we use our s(...)

Damage caused by pyrite

I had to pay an invoice for pyrite works of €2,800. Can this be utilised against rental income? Mr C.O’R., Dublin It is never the most helpful repl(...)

The minimum cost of works required in order to be eligible for relief under the scheme is €4,405 (before VAT) and the upper limit is €30,000, again before VAT

I have inherited the family home. It requires a lot of work to be done before it can be rented. There are old Polystyrene ceilings throughout the hous(...)

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