Research by  HRM found an increasing desire among workers for a better work-life balance. Photograph: iStock

Up to 44 per cent of job candidates say they would refuse a role if the employer did not offer some form of remote working, according to a survey by a(...)

Structural methods could have proved to be inflexible just at the point where managers needed to bend them. Illustration: John Holcroft/Ikon/Getty

Managers are often derided as martinets, bunglers or bureaucrats. Chief executives are applauded when they promise to “sweep out layers of management”(...)

While many jobs being done remotely in can move offshore, shared language, culture and time zones will continue to matter

This year’s mass experiment with remote working has, for some, triggered a prickling sense of unease: if I can do my job from home in Dublin, London, (...)

Providing commuting bicycles is one great way for employers to help their staff. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Not that long ago, I met a woman from one of the world’s best known companies who had just had some unpleasant news. She had been going into the offic(...)

Employee analytics firm Peakon found two of the top five words employees used at the height of the pandemic in March and April were “hours” and “pressure”. Photograph: Chemistry

Last week brought a bleak revelation about working from home. It came as I was standing in my bedroom, trying to decide what to wear to something I ha(...)

Getting ahead in the home office requires dedication. Photograph: iStock

In the course of this pandemic I have committed a number of blunders while working from home. I have muttered a mild obscenity on a video call, thinki(...)

According to Irish VoIP group Blueface, remote working will likely rival fixed office locations by 2025. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The number of people choosing to work remotely has risen significantly in recent years. The reasons are not difficult to understand. With the rising c(...)