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 The great Covid remote-working experiment is complex, and that is why it is far too early to draw fixed conclusions about it just yet. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) forced them home. Productivity Researchers found total hours worked shot up by about 30 per cent(...)

Ireland’s expenditure on R&D is  0.78 per cent of GDP – the EU average is 2.19 per cent. Photograph: iStock

(...) innovation, and innovation drives the productivity required to pay for high-living standards such as decent(...)

Structural methods could have proved to be inflexible just at the point where managers needed to bend them. Illustration: John Holcroft/Ikon/Getty

(...) established a strong link between better management and improved productivity, profit, and even research and(...)

Monitoring has only become more endemic in recent years as social media moved from niche to necessity. Photograph: iStock

(...) triggered fears of a collapse in productivity, even as margins are squeezed hard. Some believe the solution(...)

The average worker now sends and receives about 126 business emails a day. Photograph: iStock

(...) turned into a serious productivity sap. The average worker now sends and receives about 126 business(...)

A necessary condition for a deficit funded investment in the economy would be the confidence of the world’s savers and investors in the good sense, self-discipline and realism of British policymakers. Photograph: Frank Augstein/Getty

(...) voters may. What are those realities? Four need particular attention: productivity; employment(...)

An exterior view of the Titanic Belfast building in Belfast, Northern Ireland. File photograph: David Moir/Reuters

(...) economy in recent years has been the fact that there has been almost no growth in productivity The(...)

Kieran Conboy at NUI Galway. Photograph: Aengus McMahon

(...) people are downloading productivity apps so much so that they are the fastest-growing category in app(...)

Employees are more satisfied, creative and productive if they can contribute their thoughts and ideas to the achievement of the company goals. Photograph: Getty Images

In a world where the immediate pressure is always on maintaining productivity, how do you create an(...)

Ireland can look forward to a continuing rise in productivity for decades to come, provided the economy is managed well. Photograph: iStock

(...) the agricultural revolution, where productivity on farms began to rise due to technical changes such(...)

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