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Dr Rhona Mahony in Tanzania  with the healthworkers she helped train. Photograph: Robert Ngumbo

An easily manageable complication of pregnancy in Ireland can rapidly become a matter of life or(...)

Career worry: A recent comprehensive study found that both pregnancy and maternity are times when women face increased workplace discrimination

While it can undoubtedly be a bit scary, particularly first time round, pregnancy is usually a(...)

The report’s authors say further studies are required to identify if changes in maternal diet and/or physical activity were responsible for these weight changes after the birth of a first child.

(...) pregnancy, according to a longitudinal study carried out in the Coombe Hospital, Dublin.The study(...)

Paracetamol is widely used during pregnancy and has long been considered to be completely safe. Photograph: PA Wire

Women who take acetaminophen (paracetamol) during pregnancy may be putting their children at(...)

Eighty per cent of the 1,774 women recruited to the Irish part of the study had consumed some alcohol in the first 15 weeks of pregnancy.

A high level of alcohol consumption in pregnancy has been reported by an international birth study(...)

When someone visits their GP with suicidal thoughts, the threshold for referral for specialist care is low

The publication of the Heads of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill has, not(...)

Dr Sam Coulter Smith: “For a baby delivered at 23 weeks to survive is a huge achievement from everyone’s point of view. For a 23-week twin to survive is even bigger because twins often behave more prematurely than singleton babies.” Photograph: Cyril Byrne

(...) one because obviously you don’t want a pregnancy continuing in an infected environment. “If(...)