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Irish-managed pension funds have suffered their worst three-month performance since the 2008 financial crisis.

(...) money out of pensions, it’s clear we are living in extraordinary times. Suggesting that people should(...)

If my mother gives us the family home as a gift, are we liable to pay any type of tax? Photograph: iStock

(...) like to hold onto this house as an investment property as neither of us have pensions. If my mother(...)

 Regina Doherty: she wants to reform what she  has called an “unfair” way of assessing eligibility for the State pension

Facing reality is a key message in the pensions business. Too many workers put off a decision to(...)

The Workplace Relations Commission has issued a new proposal that further improves the terms on offer to workers based at two Pfizer plants  in Cork. Photograph: Andrew Kelly/Reuters

Staff of multinational drugmaker Pfizer face a make or break vote on pensions in the coming weeks(...)

‘Every year you’re not doing them [AVCs], you’re missing out on those tax benefits’

Known in the pensions industry as “rocket fuel” for your pension fund, additional voluntary(...)

‘Zero consideration has been given to the issue of adequacy or coverage; it doesn’t benefit citizens in any real meaningful way,’ says one pensions professional. Photograph: iStock

As if pensions weren’t already complicated enough, a move at Government level to impose new EU(...)

Women continue to snub pensions in large numbers. Ann O’Keeffe, head of individual life and pensions at Aviva, describes the “largely stagnant” figure for women saving for retirement as “worrying”.

Women continue to snub pensions despite years of efforts by the financial services industry to(...)

According to research, on average people start saving for retirement aged 37 – too late, Irish Life says. Photograph: Getty Images

Ninety per cent of people in Ireland are not on track with their pensions savings, according to(...)

Tier One managing director Kevin Coughlan says the process of pensions reform has continued behind closed doors.

(...) make the Irish pensions landscape an unreasonably complex and bizarre place. That’s the view of the(...)

Married couples with one earner can earn up to €43,550 before moving into the higher tax bracket.

(...) about the advantages of being married. “The disadvantages are very clear, particularly in the pensions(...)

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