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Setanta Asset Management took the worst hit last month, giving up 2.7 per cent.

Irish pension funds are underwater for 2018 after February’s stock market correction more than wiped out the gains made in January. Figures from pens(...)

The ECB is interested in how pension fund money is invested – in which countries, for how long and in which sectors of the economy.

The European Central Bank has proposed new reporting rules for pension funds. Details of every stock, bond or other investment held by pension funds(...)

It is likely there will be a  reduction in federal funding for renewable energy and sustainable development projects in the US under a Trump administration. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

The election of climate sceptic Donald Trump as US president could give Irish pension funds an opportunity to invest in renewable energy and sustainab(...)

Irish pension funds ended 2015 on a sour note, with sliding oil prices, doubts over the time of a Fed rate increase and volatile stock markets hitting(...)

Minister has  reduced the standard fund threshold (the maximum permitted size of one’s pension fund for tax relief purposes)to ¤2 million from its previous level of ¤2.3 million.

The Government has stood by its pledge to end the 0.6 per cent levy on pension funds at the scheduled end of the four-year term next year - but first (...)