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(...)-contribution (DC) pension schemes. The process saw 44 submissions made to the regulator,with a view to the future(...)

Irish pension funds grew by 16.6 per cent last year, after solid returns in the final quarter(...)

More than 100 workers are claiming about €50 million – the deficit they allege the trustees should have made sure was resolved before the pension scheme was wound down

When pension fund members start suing their trustees, it is a clear indication of the deep rupture(...)

 Former Waterford Crystal workers, at the UNITE rally outside Leinster House, calling on the government to protect the workers’ pension entitlements.Legislation is a welcome and long overdue effort  by State but will no doubt face legal challenges

(...) of their pension benefits, the Government finally took steps yesterday to recognise the injustice of(...)

(...)   Almost one in four defined benefit pension schemes will close this year, the Irish(...)

(...) proceeds of their pension policy, in return for a fixed rate of income until they die. For many pensioners(...)

(...) breach the terms of the agreement. Am I entitled to Australian pension?I am wondering if I am entitled to(...)

“It’s not just Eamon Gilmore and the Labour contingent that has been rubbishing the claims of the Central Bank, the troika and the advice of the ESRI that any adjustment this year needs to be at, or close to, the €3.1 billion figure.” Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

(...) the weekend that the Government will cut the old-age pension as part of its efforts to balance its(...)

We are aged 78 and 82 with a total pension of €47,000 per year made up of a private pension and the(...)

Pension trustees have seen their deficits widen in recent years, mainly owing to circumstances outside their control. Apart from retirees living longer, a low interest rate environment has the effect of increasing the present value of future liabilities. Falling stock markets have not helped either.

(...) companies to focus shareholders on the growing pension deficit problem in Ireland. Aer Lingus, and others(...)

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