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With Fair Deal, where you take out a nursing home loan, you pay it in line with its terms and conditions

My mother died last August 2021 and myself and my two brothers owe €120,000 to the Fair Deal scheme to be paid by August 2022. The house has been va(...)

New rules mean people in nursing home care can now sell their homes without financial penalty under the Fair Deal scheme. Photograph: iStock

My mother-in-law is 95 years old, suffers with dementia and has been in a nursing home for 18 months. She has availed of the Fair Deal Scheme. Her a(...)

Greenmast denies that it owes the monies claimed by the defendant. Photograph: iStock

The owner and operator of a Dublin-based nursing home has secured a temporary High Court injunction restraining a building company from seeking to hav(...)

How  pay for nursing home for  mum? Photograph: iStock

Both my parents are in their mid-70s, retired and unfortunately in poor health. My father has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness; my moth(...)

Even in Longford, which had the lowest median price in March, at €113,750, you’d be looking at a bill of €26,812 and that could rise as high as €167,475 if the property is in the Dún Laoghaire area where the median price is as high as €540,000

My uncle has recently gone into a nursing home and is paying for it out of his own funds. He made a will a few years ago and has left me the house o(...)

If selling the family home allows you to live in a retirement centre as you would like to do, then that is a perfectly valid decision. Photograph: iStock

I live alone in the family home. My husband is in a nursing home. I was going to sell the house and move into retirement centre. I never thought of (...)

 Financial wellbeing: the priority for any person or couple must be to provide for themselves: Photograph: Getty

My husband and I are in our 80s. He inherited land from his sister. It is in his name. Our son is putting pressure on his 87-year-old father to hand o(...)

If your mum funds her nursing home care with Fair Deal, the nursing home will take 80 per cent of her income to fund the cost along with 7.5 per cent of any assets she has in excess of €36,000

What I should do about the Fair Deal Scheme for my elderly mother? My 79-year-old mother was recently diagnosed with dementia and early onset of Alzhe(...)

‘It is up to the family of the Fair Deal patient to decide whether they want to sell the property to raise the funds or to find the money from other sources.’ Photograph: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

My father is in a nursing home using his pensions and the family home to fund his Fair Deal. My two brothers, who both suffer from mental health issue(...)

Nursing homecare under Fair Deal: Certain other things clearly are not deductible, including ancillary costs of your mum in the nursing home, such as hairdressing and optional activities. Photograph: John Stillwell/PA

My mother recently went into a nursing home and is part of the Fair Deal scheme. My question is, does she have any access to her savings now that they(...)

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