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“For peace of mind, I can reassure you that the Health Service Executive has confirmed that the maximum it will take from the value of your property is 22.5 per cent.” File photograph: iStockPhoto

If a husband goes into care leaving his wife in the family home, the Fair Deal scheme charges 3.75 per cent on the property for the first three years.(...)

Is it too late for my father to give his savings to his family? Photograph: Getty Images

My 92-year-old father is in a nursing home. He availed of the Fair Deal loan and, after the three years’ cap, sold his home and put the money into his(...)

Enduring power of attorney  is a phenomenally powerful document. Photograph: iStock

I am a widower in my late 70s and thankfully in full health at present. But I can foresee what the situation may be in the future. To some extent if o(...)

In many ways, it has been a great leveller. People whose entire lives may have been lived on either side of a social divide can end up living out thei(...)

Under Fair Deal, if your mother sells her home, then that becomes a liquid asset and liable to the 7.5 per cent payment every year without any cap. Photograph: John Stillwell/PA

My mother was diagnosed recently with a number of medical issues and she is no longer able to live independently. We will have to go down the route of(...)

The bottom line is that if Revenue suspects you could not afford the costs of nursing homecare from your own resources, they will disallow any tax relief claim on bills they determine were effectively paid by your mother by virtue of money she has given you. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

I note your advice back in February last year that there does not appear to be a link between any monies a parent may gift to their children and their(...)

With demand rising and the State picking up most of the tab, the business of providing long-term residential care for older people should be a rare gr(...)