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Haven Mortgages is prepared to consider such cases. Photograph: Alan Betson

(...) savings to qualify for the required mortgage on her own. Since then, I have had a couple of emails from(...)

This sounds as though they are abusing your generosity as parents to try to sign you on as guarantors for the entire loan – with your own home as security. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) terms of mortgage lending – or whether they are happy to allow one of the permissible number of(...)

A single person earning €100,000 a year in Ireland pays almost €12,000 more in tax every year than a married person. Photograph: iStock

(...) dreaded single supplement in hotels, you won’t be able to split your rent or mortgage unless you take in a(...)

If you fixed a number of years ago, the savings available with a switch to one of the rates now on offer might be considerable

Mortgage rates are finally falling, bringing Irish homeowners closer (if not close enough) to the(...)

Inheritance windfall gives you the choice of whether to pay off debt or use the money to invest

I have inherited €93,000 and have €99,000 outstanding on my EBS variable rate mortgage. Should I(...)

The relief from capital gains of the sale of someone’s principal private residence is one of the best known tax reliefs  A person can receive cumulative gifts and/or inheritances from their parents of €310,000 under current rules without incurring a tax liability. Photograph: iStock

(...) looking at ways to avoid inheritance tax. We have been pre-approved a mortgage of €200,000 (which is(...)

Writing down financial goals may not mean you’ll actually achieve them, but it increases your chances of doing so.

(...) probably increase your chances of doing so. 2: Get your mortgage into shape If you already have a(...)

The problem is that our banks – deeply scarred by the crash – are still very cautious in their lending. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

(...) get a mortgage, owing to his line of work not being regular. We can get €100,000 together and also my(...)

“I recently received a solicitor’s letter demanding a large sum of money be paid to my ex-partner as she wants the money she put in at the beginning to buy the house, such as deposit etc, back.” Photograph:  Dominic Lipinski/PA

(...) payment towards our debt, including mortgage policies and tax, for close to four years now. I have(...)

Keeping your finances in shape can help reduce stress for your family if you were to die unexpectedly. Photograph: Getty Images/Echo

(...) your family inherit your debts? Can they access your current account? Do you have to pay your mortgage(...)

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