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The first rule of balancing your personal books is that you use any resources that come your way to pay off debt before investing in savings. Photograph: iStock

(...) cannot decide what to do with this money: should we pay off our mortgage (which is a tracker on a low(...)

A “quiet” festive season awaits us  in 2020. So why not put that time  into sorting out your finances. Photograph: iStock

(...), [for example] food, clothing, school, phones, mortgage, etc. You can also check the same but including(...)

There are rules about giving money to family members. And the impact is different obviously, depending on whether it is a loan or a gift. Photograph: iStock

US. It’s towards my new home, for which I’m €55,000 short after my mortgage. He was sending me this(...)

EBS refused my application as I work for an airline and that’s high risk – even though we have not been subject to any reduction in pay. Photograph: Getty Images

I recently applied for a new mortgage with the EBS. I got my first mortgage with them 15 years ago(...)

A quick check of the rates shows that Ulster’s 2.6 per cent is still short of the 2.2 per cent on offer at Avant if your loan is less than 80 per cent loan to value. Photograph: Gareth Fuller

We are actually thinking of switching our mortgage to Ulster Bank from Bank of Ireland to take(...)

Whether it’s lethargy or loyalty, fear or loathing, too few of us switch mortgage. Photograph: iStock

Switching your mortgage can seem like a pain. It was hard enough to get it in the first place(...)

Fair Deal is a system of financial support put in place to help cover the cost of private nursing home care in a State where there is very limited public nursing home provision.

(...), it should not be difficult to persuade a lender to offer a 22.5 per cent mortgage on the property(...)

Given the current turbulence and the lower rates, I’d go for a fixed rate. Photograph: Thierry Roge

My daughter just got mortgage approval despite the Covid-19 crisis. She is lucky to have a(...)

There might be fewer than 6,000 homes available to those using the help-to-buy scheme this year

(...) have to secure a mortgage. The rules limiting that to 3.5 times earnings are still in place as is the(...)

I have savings of €200,000 and am considering spending  €30,000 on a car. Photograph: iStock

(...) put the majority towards purchasing a house with a mortgage of €300,000. However, I need to purchase(...)

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