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A generation of hot-breathed millennials has risen up behind since 2006. They already outnumber boomers globally. Photograph: David Jones/PA Wire

(...)’s time for them to move on”. Since then, a generation of hot-breathed millennials has risen up behind(...)

Getting on the property ladder was often just as hard 35 years ago, with interest rates at more than 16 per cent in 1981 compared to 3.5 per cent today. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

(...) “lost generation” but do today’s millennials really have it tougher than their parents and those who(...)

“After a few months the boredom hits and they find they aren’t faced with exhilarating work. They are filling in spreadsheets that have no apparent purpose.” Photograph: Getty Images

I live in a house full of millennials, three of whom are having their first skirmishes with(...)