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Workers install solar panels on a roof. Several readers wanted to know about the State’s deep retrofit scheme. Photograph: courtesy of Construct Ireland

Retrofitting, carbon taxes and healthcare were among the priorities for our readers this morning when a team from The Irish Times and PwC answered Bud(...)

With some older people no longer eligible for a full medical card, the number of GP visit cards, which are automatically granted to the over-70s, has  soared since their introduction in 2005, with 480,787 citizens now holding one

If you’re reading this there’s almost a one in two chance you have either a medical card or a GP card. Yes, out of a population of 4.8 million, 2.1 mi(...)

I have a query on the impact to the medical card as a result of the Budget. We are a married couple. Our current annual income comprises a private pen(...)

There is no avoiding it. After the budget, looking after your health is likely to diminish your wealth. If you have a private health insurance policy,(...)

Is there any definition of a gift for CAT purposes. For example, would a contribution by a parent to the cost of a son’s wedding be a gift for CAT pur(...)